Runners Market

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4443 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

Meet the Staff

Kevin Pack | Owner

Kevin started running in the early 70’s. As a youngster, he ran circles around a cemetery and up and down hills, woods, and back roads in West Virginia. He took up cross country in high school with five fun guys on the team. Upon opening Runners Market in 1995, marathoning was surging; so he jumped in and ran three. Top pick for where to run is in a forest!


Shoe: Saucony Kinvara, Altra Instinct, Vibram Five Fingers
Running Outfit: Shorts only weather permitting, accessorized with water bottle
Pre-Run Meal: Usually nothing. Oats/raisins/tea/honey if on longer trail runs.
Post-Run Meal: Whatever Samantha and I are cooking and homebrew (chocolate milk if on the job)
Running Route Nearby: Sequoyah Greenway or any number of the great parks in the area with trails.
Race: Wears Valley 15K and Charleston Distance Run (WV) early on.
Beer: Don’t get me started.
Music: Blues, some classical, R&R (mostly older stuff).
Movie: Anything with Glenn Close, Jack Nicholson, John Wayne, Kevin Spacey, or Monty Python crew.

Samantha Pack | Owner

Sam and Kevin dreamed up Runners Market when they had three kids under five years old???  Those kids are in their late 20s now, and the business has been a family affair ever since.  Sam has kept her day job as an Environmental Remediation project manager through the whole ordeal (somebody had to be the grown up). Running has been a way of life for Sam ever since grade school.  After opening Runners Market, Kevin convinced her to do a marathon, and she ended up doing four.  A back injury has slowed her road racing, but not her time running up and down mountains.  Now she spends as much time as possible running through the woods.

Sam and Kevin have been long-time supporters of the Knoxville Track Club, the KTC Youth Program, and numerous races throughout the years


Shoe: Minimal – New Balance Minimus Trail, Five Fingers; long-time Asics fan.
Running Outfit: Big fan of Nike apparel. (Why, Moving Comfort, WHY?!?!?!?)
Pre-Run Beverage:  Coffee!!!
Post-Run Meal:  Late breakfast – eggs, biscuits, the works.
Running Route Nearby: Sequoyah Hills.  Is western North Carolina “near-by”?
Race: Haw Ridge Trail Race
Beer: Dogfishhead 90-Minute IPA – ask anyone in my family
Music:  Bluesy-Rock, like John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa.  Forever CS&N
Movie: Field of Dreams

Michael deLisle | Manager

Michael has been with Runners Market since its inception in 1995. Formerly a highly competitive masters runner, he was forced by knee injuries to join the dark side, hopping onto mountain and road bikes (and motorcycles!) and into Z-health and Convict Conditioning for workouts. However, after a successful knee replacement, he now finds himself able to do a bit of what he calls “trail trotting,” Nothing major, but big improvement.

Very active with the Knoxville Track Club as webmaster, Footnotes Magazine editor, race photographer, and director of the Treadin’ Trodden Trails Offroad Running Series, Michael somehow finds time to work and pursue his passions of writing and music. His teenage son Jesse is a fixture cheering at and running in local races.


Shoe: Asics Gel-Exult, circa 1993
Running Outfit: Adidas Brahma, circa 2001
Pre-Run Beverage: Rarely eat before workout, just drink highly caffeinated tea and lots of it
Running Route Nearby: Haw Ridge, Norris, I.C. King, Concord… I love ‘em all!
Race: Mill House, back before all the subdivisions
Beer: Not since 1990 (yeah, I know; I picked a bad century to give up drinking!)
Music: Way too many favorites. Best song ever? All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix’s version)
Movie: You gotta be kidding me. I’ve seen thousands and I’m supposed to pick one? Can’t do it. Just can’t. Maybe I could make a list…
Fun Fact: Owned a record store in Illinois ‘back in the day’

Tyler Pack

Tyler began his running career with KTC Youth Program, and has stayed involved by running and helping out with numerous KTC races since he was able to walk. In high school, he played club and school soccer (Farragut) and was a member of the 2007 state championship team. He  graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering at UTK.

Shoe: Whatever fits hobbit feet
Running Outfit: Who knows?
Pre-Run Beverage: Coffeeeee!
Running Routes: Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness trail system
Beer: Mike’s Hard Lemonade with a lime
Music: Indonesian String Bands
Movie: Titanic
Race: Haw Ridge Trail Race
Fun Fact: He’s just a super Fun dude!

Andrew Pack

Shoe: Inov8 Terroc 330 (when it was still around…)aa
Running Outfit: Split-shorts, that’s it.
Pre-Run Beverage: Coffeeee!
Running Routes: Give me a trail, any trail.
Beer: 90 Shillings, Odell Brewing Co.
Music: Always changing. Now? Infamous Stringdusters
Movie: Mean Girls
Race: Dirty South Marathon and Half Marathon
Fun Fact: He’s a rock-hound

Audrey Springer

Audrey came to us in August 2017, though her arrival was delayed due to a free, week-long running trip across Ireland! Hailing from Columbus, Ohio where she worked at Columbus Running Company, she is a welcome addition to the RM team! Audrey is a graduate of The University of the Cumberlands in KY where she ran Cross Country and Track. She graduated with a bachelors in Health, Exercise, and Sports Science as well as Public Health. Audrey has run 5+ marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2017 and will again in 2020. What a stud!

Shoe: Brooks Glycerin
Running Outfit: Tank top and shorts
Pre-Run Beverage: Nuun
Running Route Nearby: Third Creek Greenway
Beer: Prefer Cider
Music: Anything country or pop with a good beat
Movie: Forrest Gump
Fun fact: She has 9 siblings!

Emily Johnson

Shoe: Pureflow
Running Outfit: Keepin’ it simple: sports bra + shorts
Pre-Run Beverage: Coffee (run for you life)
Running Route Nearby: I live next to the Urban Wilderness!!!
Beer: Celiac-appropriate beverages (East TN Gypsy Cider!)
Music: Ben Rector and Indonesian string bands
Movie: When Harry met Sally
Fun fact: She’s an Ironmaiden triathlete! If she’s drinking coffee.. run for your life