Shoe-Fitting Process

There are so many places to buy stuff. Big box stores can be overwhelming, impersonal, and lacking in staff that can actually help. At Runners Market we pride ourselves in the shoe-fitting process. Come in and see what it’s all about! Our staff will have you walking out with happy feet in no time!

We offer advice on… shoe selection, suggestions for what to wear, how much energy gel to eat, where to run, training advice, and how to get through an injury/ailment. We serve a wide range of customers; patients referred by their doctor or therapist, fitness enthusiasts, walkers/hikers, non-runners, beginner runners, and avid/obsessed runners. We provide outreach and support to countless race events and school cross country and track programs, host fun runs and forums, participate in local race events, and support the Knoxville Track Club. Many customers come to our store just to hangout. We love our job!