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Many people run just to stay fit, while others train for specific events or to achieve specific goals. Whatever your motivation, racing can be a fun and exciting addition to your routine. Knoxville and the surrounding area is host to many races throughout the year that range in length from the sizzling Hal Canfield Memorial Milefest to the Norris Dam Hard Trail Race 50K and 50 miler, so there’s something for everyone!

Featured Race

WHAT: Dirty South Trail Marathon and Half Marathon

WHEN: Sunday, February 11th, 2018 at 9am

WHERE: Knoxville’s “Urban Wilderness” at Ijam’s Nature Center, minutes from downtown Knoxville

We’ll start and finish at Ijams Nature Center, allowing us a comfortable staging area protected from the elements, as well as bathroom facilities, and most importantly, the opportunity to tour the fabulous Urban Wilderness, including a section on the fabulous Baker Creek trails. 13.1 mile and 26.2 mile courses traverse the Forks of the River Wildlife Area, William Hastie Park, Marie Myers Park, Ross Marble Quarry, Ijams Nature Center, Baker Creek Preserve, and other haunts of the beautiful Urban Wilderness of South Knoxville. Marathon course has a 7 hour time limit.

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