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Many people run just to stay fit, while others train for specific events or to achieve specific goals. Whatever your motivation, racing can be a fun and exciting addition to your routine. Knoxville and the surrounding area is host to many races throughout the year that range in length from the sizzling Hal Canfield Memorial Milefest to the Norris Dam Hard Trail Race 50K and 50 miler, so there’s something for everyone!

Featured Race – TOWNSEND 15K!

WHAT: Townsend 15K

WHEN: Sunday, September 9, 2018

WHERE: Heartland Little River Wedding Chapel @ 7765 River Road
Townsend, TN US 3788


RACE DESCRIPTION: USATF course. A lovely, scenic and challenging course that runs on back-country roads near the Little River.  Course closes after 2 hours – this is not a course for walkers.  This course is open to traffic, headphones are prohibited.

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