Shoe Fitting

Personalized To You

We start by making observations of the shape of your feet and the mechanical motions they make when you walk or run. We want to learn several things about you to optimize our suggestions for shoes. What shoes have you worn recently? What is your daily mileage? Do you mostly walk or run or both? Have you had a history of shin splints or knee pain? What has your medical professional recommended and what was the diagnosis? Are you using orthotics? Are you planning to run or walk in a 5K, half marathon, or has someone talked you into a marathon?

Our staff is trained to offer shoe suggestions, not based on brand and color, but all the above. ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, you’ll have a chance to try on several shoes and take them for a test drive. We’ll observe your feedback. The “best” shoe is the one that suits your specific foot type and, yes, is the best fit! No appointment is necessary.